ScaleCon 2019: Preview: Why You Should Put Your Face Mask on Before Assisting Others

Apr 29, 2019

The person who has contributed most to my personal development as a leader over the last two years isn't a management thinker, or a leadership coach, or even a productivity guru - it's my personal trainer and 'Chief Wellness Officer', Jen Gerasimas.

Jen is the founder of 7Core Wellness and creator of The Warrior Approach - and she's a keynote speaker at ScaleCon 2019, where she'll be explaining why (and how), if we are to be the best leader we can be - and the best leader our teams need us to be - we have to instill a personal level of self-care.

Watch the short (9m) video below to hear more about  Jen and what she'll be sharing at ScaleCon 2019!

Jen Gerasimas

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