ScaleCon 2019: Preview: Want to Know Where You Start Scaling Your Organization? It’s Not Where You Think

May 5, 2019

Over the decades that I've invested in helping leaders scale their organizations, I've uncovered one foundational principal that trumps all others, and it's this:

Scaling starts with you.

It's the four inches between our ears (and what goes on in there) that determines more than anything else whether or not you'll succeed in achieving your growth goals - not your business plan, not your product, service or offering, not even your team. It's you. Your mindset, your preconceptions and your biases.

Someone who knows this intimately and has (successfully) fought the inner battle to develop a growth mindset is Jeff Brodie. Jeff is the Lead Pastor of Connexus Church, one of North America’s most influential churches. He brings vision and leadership to Connexus’ multiple growing campuses  - and he's a keynote speaker at ScaleCon 2019, where he'll show how scaling your organization to the next level isn't just about growing your company, it’s about growing your own leadership.

Watch the short (13m) video below to hear more about Jeff and what he'll be sharing at ScaleCon 2019: