The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Predictable Success Stage

Jan 22, 2004


In the Predictable Success stage, EI will be balanced and in harmony.

To stay there, two things must happen:

1. Senior management must watch for the danger signs that the organization is slipping back down into Whitewater, or forward, into Treadmill. See the paragraphs above and below for indicators that either might be happening.

2. Unlike Early Struggle and Fun, it can no longer be assumed or expected that the organization will display ‘unconscious competence’ in EI. The organization will be too large and too complex for EI to be maintained at a high level by itself.

Instead, the organization must become ‘consciously competent’ at EI – structures and programs put in place to maintain EI within the organization.


In Predictable Success, the organization must begin to formally train and coach key players (managers, team leaders and supervisors, as a minimum).

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