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The Challenge:

Your team isn’t firing on all four cylinders. You feel there’s another gear but you can’t quite get there

At best your decisions result in compromise. At worst gridlock. And often when you do make decisions, there’s a high likelihood they will end up on an ever growing pile of other un-implemented initiatives.

Most programs only deal with the symptoms of team dysfunction. This is the program you need to get to the root cause.

The Predictable Success Peak Performance Program will provide you with the tools to:

  • Address the root cause of gridlock: uncovering the deeper issues that make your leadership styles clash in the first place
  • Develop those leadership styles so they become an asset to your team instead of a hindrance
  • Create a newfound synergy amongst team members, resulting in increased productivity and optimal group performance

The Program:

  • Designed for formal and informal teams at any level of an organization
  • Takes place over a one-and-a-half day workshop with the option to expand the program through 10 additional a la carte workshops (see digital brochure for details)
  • Seats up to 25 people and can be conducted multiple times to accommodate your organization’s size

One of our highly trained and experienced consultants will be assigned to see your program through from start to finish. They will take you through the key elements of the program; laying foundation, mastering the mindset, mastering the skillset and delivering high performing teams and are well versed in dealing with any areas which may arise specific to your organization. After the session they will guide participants through a series of additional resources to drive the learning outcomes long after the session is over

Ready to Peak Your Performance?

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