ScaleCon 2019: Preview: Brian Rempe on leading hyper growth in a fast-changing environment

Apr 22, 2019

Brian Rempe joined CivicPlus straight out of school a decade ago, as a, supervising a team of 3 people. Now, he's the President and CEO of the company, overseeing a team of 320+ - and he's also a keynote speaker at our upcoming conference, ScaleCon 2019!

At ScaleCon, Brian will be giving us a 'Report from the Trenches' - a no-holds-barred, inside look at the challenges of scaling a multi-faceted business in a fast-changing environment.

Check out this brief (8-minute) interview where Brian talks a little about the work CivicPlus does, his personal journey as a leader, and what he'll be sharing with us at ScaleCon 2019:

ScaleCon 2019