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The Synergist

Beginning January 3, we will be adding resources to this micro-site on a per-chapter basis. You can click each of the chapter headings below to go to the specific resources for that chapter. What’s Your Style?

Are you a Visionary, an Operator or a Processor – or a mix of each?

Find out what your personal style is by taking The Synergist style quiz (it’s free).

Click this link to be taken to the quiz – and don’t forget to use the option on the final screen to send your results to us for a free detailed analysis.

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Chapter 1: Overview: The failure gene that’s baked into the DNA of every group and how to escape it

PART I: The Unstable Triangle: The 3 naturally occurring group interaction styles

Chapter 2: The Visionary: Hold on tight, we’re going to Mars

Chapter 3: The Operator: Yay…let’s build a rocket ship

Chapter 4: The Processor: Not so fast. Where’s your requisition slip?

Chapter 5: Gridlock: The hidden death-grip that silently paralyses every group

PART II: The Synergist: Transforming the group by transcending personal agendas

Chapter 6: Limping to the End Line: How Visionaries, Operators and Processors hobble the success of their group

Chapter 7: From Triangle to Pyramid: Bringing a new dimension to the group dynamic – The Synergist

Chapter 8: The Synergist’s Toolkit: How the Synergist releases cohesion and flow in the group

Chapter 9: Starting Fast, Finishing Strong: The lifecycle of a highly successful group

PART III: Becoming a Leader of Leaders

Chapter 10: Inside the Secret Garden: Discovering the Synergistic Team’s Hidden Pattern of Success

Chapter 11: Pulling the Trigger: Evaluation and Decision-making

Chapter 12: Making it Work: Implementation