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Thanks for purchasing “Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There” – we truly appreciate it.

Beginning March 4th, we will be adding resources to this micro-site on a per-chapter basis. You can click each of the chapter headings below to go to the specific resources for that chapter.

Where does your team or organization currently fall in the Predictable Success lifecycle?

Are you in Early Struggle, Fun, or Whitewater? Perhaps you achieved Predictable Success but too many systems and processes have pushed you into Treadmill. Find out which stage you’re currently in by taking the Predictable Success Lifecycle quiz (it’s free).

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What’s Your Leadership Style?

Are you a Visionary, an Operator or a Processor – or a mix of each? Find out what your leadership style is by taking our free Synergist style quiz.

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PART I: Taking the Journey: Having a Map Means You Know Where You’re Going

Chapter 1: Overview: What Predictable Success Looks Like From 30,000 Feet.

Chapter 2: Early Struggle: Gasping for Cash, Finding a Market – Overcoming Gravity to Achieve Takeoff.

Chapter 3: Fun: Sell, Sell, Sell – Fast Growth and Early Success.

Chapter 4: Whitewater: Why Isn’t This Fun Anymore? Battling Complexity to Become Efficient.

Chapter 5: Predictable Success: Achieving the Perfect Balance – Succeed, Learn, Repeat.

Chapter 6: Treadmill: Working Hard, Going Nowhere – the Overmanaged Organization.

Chapter 7: The Big Rut: In the Organizational Comfort Zone – Rearranging the Deck Chairs.

Chapter 8: Death Rattle: Going Quietly Into That Good Night.

PART II: Arrival: Getting to Predictable Success – And Staying There

COMING SOON: The resources for the chapters below will be available shortly!

Chapter 9: Almost There: Breaking Through Whitewater into Predictable Success.

Chapter 10: What To Do When You’ve Overshot: Recovering from Treadmill.

Chapter 11: Staying At The Peak: Maintaining Predictable Success Once You Get There.