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Have you been charged with the growth or development of an organization (a business, division, department, project, group or team) and want to work with a personal coach to help you meet that challenge?

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Perhaps you're a founder/owner, battling the challenges of growing your business, looking to develop the strategies and skills to take it to the next level while trying to juggle the day-to-day priorities of meeting your customer's and client's needs... 

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Or the president of a not-for-profit, juggling the competing demands of your board, your donors, your staff and volunteers, charged with changing the world and feeling run ragged with the pace of it all...

woman executive

Or the president of a not-for-profit, juggling the competing demands of your board, your donors, your staff and volunteers, charged with changing the world and feeling run ragged with the pace of it all...

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Perhaps you're the Lead Pastor of a fast-growing church, or a senior executive in a manufacturing company, or the chief rain-maker in a graphic design agency... either way, you're facing the challenges of growth and would value the guidance of a seasoned mentor and coach.

Whatever the challenges you face...

Les McKeown has coached leaders just like you 

Image of Les McKeown, Founder and CEO, Predictable Success

Les McKeown, Founder and CEO, Predictable Success

Les McKeown is one of the world’s foremost executive coaches.

His work has been endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith (Harvard Business Review’s ‘most influential leadership thinker in the world’), Alan Mulally (CEO, Ford Motor Company) and David Allen (author, ‘Getting Things Done’ and the world’s pre-eminent productivity coach) amongst many others.

Les’s coaching is based on unparalleled real-world experience. As a serial entrepreneur he started over 40 businesses personally, and through his decade-long work with a global incubation company helped thousands more do so.

Les has worked with executives in organizations of all sizes and types, from privately-held family businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

His clients include Chevron, American Express, T-Mobile, Harvard University, The US Army, the National Security Agency, Kaiser Permanente, The Motley Fool and many others. 

Les is equally happy working with executives in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments.



David Moore

Les helped me identify three specific areas in which my leadership could be improved: Conflict management, team motivation and performance review. With his guidance, I developed a wholly new suite of tools that enabled me to radically improve in all three area over a six month period - progress that was validated by my team's honest feedback.

Perhaps the greatest benefit you will receive from entering into a coaching relationship with Les is his complete commitment to your personal and professional development. Les will confirm you in your strengths and abilities, build your confidence and extend your existing skills considerably.At the same time, he will not shirk from telling you the hard things you need to hear, confronting you with the barriers to your personal development and challenging you to see your own blind spots.

If you have reached a point at which you realize you need expert help in developing your leadership skills, I strongly recommend you reach out to Les McKeown.

David Moore Vice President, Pella Corp

Tom Douglas

Working with Les has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in the last several years.

As a part of our coaching sessions, Les helped me to see where we had gaps in the business and work through the process to close them. In our sessions we dealt with organizational issues, people issues, process issues and my own development as a leader. I didn’t always hear what I wanted, but I always heard what I needed to hear.

Les's coaching gave me the tools I needed to have the courageous conversations that we needed to have, and enabled me to do so in a positive and impactful way. The wealth of experience & knowledge that Les brings to the table provides a path forward in a practical and useful manner, rather than just the high-level theories that we so often read about. In almost every conversation, Les was able to shed light on a challenge, help me to see things through a new lens, and he would often provide a tool or action plan that I could put into immediate action.

If your business is having challenges as you grow, I would highly recommend investing in your future by working with Les. Your investment will pay significant dividends.

Thomas H. Douglas CEO, JMark Business Solutions, Inc

John Higman

I started working with Les McKeown when I realized needed to rebuild our organization's 'chassis' - the entire management infrastructure - while at the same time keeping the business moving forward

This was clearly going to be stressful and complicated - but it was vital if we were to get to the next stage in growth.

Les helped me identify the changes I needed to make in how we were running the business, guided me each step of the way, and held me accountable for implementing the actions we agreed. With Les's facilitation, I re-defined our management roles, brought in new expertise to the management team, restructured our group interactions and communications, and revamped some functional areas and introduced some new ones such as recruiting, training and retention.

If you're a business owner or a CEO looking to take your business to the next level, I'd strongly recommend you contact Les McKeown. The best investment you can make in your future growth is in his coaching program.

John Higman Founder & President, Pacific Architectural Millwork

How it works

The engagement process is simple: Once you submit an application we’ll set up a time for you to talk by phone or web conference with Les to establish if there is a good mutual ‘fit’. If after suitable reflection you both feel comfortable moving forward, we will arrange a kick-off meeting where Les will gather more information about you, and together you will set clear, achievable, measurable goals for the coaching relationship.

The initial engagement period is six months. This gives you and Les time to make real progress toward your goals without binding you in to a lengthy commitment. During that time, you will meet with Les by phone or web conference every two weeks. Each session will be guided by a clear agenda aimed at moving you closer to your chosen goals. You will also have direct email access to Les for the duration of the coaching relationship.

At the end of six months you can opt to continue the relationship on a month-to-month basis at your discretion.

This brief case study may be helpful in giving you a fuller picture of how the coaching relationship works and what you might expect by way of results.

Your investment

Your investment in a six-month coaching relationship with Les is $5,000 per month, payable monthly in advance, or $25,000 if paid in full at the beginning of the relationship.

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