David Moore – Pella Corp

Uncover you organization’s barriers to success and develop a clear roadmap to get there.

Pella-KC logoWhen my management team and I first started working with Les
 McKeown, we knew we had the fundamentals needed to make it to the next stage in our growth – a great product, great people, a great track record and a commitment to excellence. What we didn’t have was a clear road map on how to get there, and particularly, how to manage a business of that size.

“ Quite simply – there is no better, more intuitive, results-focused business growth process than Predictable Success®.”

The Predictable Success® methodology provided us with that road map. At an initial diagnostic workshop, Les facilitated an in-depth analysis of our five-year goals and the likely barriers to achieving those goals. Based on that analysis, and after spending time with me and each of my senior management team, Les was able to quickly draw up and agree with us a customized workplan to enable us to overcome those barriers to growth on an accelerated timescale.

Working with Les, we restructured our org chart, our reporting structure, our management and decision-making processes, and our hiring, training and retention activities – all to accelerate our growth. We developed needed processes and policies, and discarded those no longer appropriate to our stage of development. More importantly, we learned how to operate as a team at a higher level.

Throughout the Predictable Success® process, I learned a lot about myself, and developed personally as a CEO. With Les’s help, my General Manager and I were able to clarify our roles, and together we have been able to devote more time to mentoring and coaching our excellent management team for the next stage in our growth.

If you want a road map to get the next stage with your organization, I urge you to get on board with Les McKeown. Quite simply – there is no better, more intuitive, results- focused business growth process than Predictable Success®.

Chan Lundy
Pella Products of Kansas City