Recurrence and avoiding the Treadmill

Aug 6, 2010

Recurrence in nature is a wonderful thing – seasons, sunsets, sunrise, tides: all good, all natural.Recurrence in business is by its definition un-natural. Monthly management meetings, quarterly earnings announcements, annual budgets, periodic performance reviews – even the daily ops wrap or weekly beer bust – they’re all un-natural, artificial activities that we thunked up.

There’s not a darn thing we need to do to ensure tomorrow’s sunrise will happen – and tomorrow morning it’ll be as effective as it’s always been, no input required from us. Same with the tides and the seasons. Next month’s round of performance reviews? That’s a different matter.

Recurrence in business is a haven for turgidity, a petri dish for bureaucracy; the wellspring of Treadmill.

Look at your schedule: What recurring things are in there? Which can you blow up, reinvent, or turn from recurrence into occurrence? What processes do you have that should really be events?