Accelerating your speed to clarity

Feb 10, 2011

This week we’ve been looking at the importance of speed to clarity.After introducing the concept on Monday, we first looked at your personal speed to clarity, then at your organization’s speed to clarity.

Today I want to close the series by showing you a simple pattern recognition that you can use to accelerate your speed to clarity – both personally and as an organization.

Here’s what I notice: both individuals and organizations who have a slow speed to clarity tend to choke at one of these 5 steps linking the recognition of an issue with it’s eventual resolution:

1. There’s a problem

2. The problem has my attention

3. I can clearly see what the root cause of the problem is

4. I can clearly see what the most likely solutions are

5. I can clearly see which of the possible solutions is the best answer to the problem

Take a look. Think back on the last few times you’ve needed speed to clarity – where’s your personal stumbling point in the steps above?

What about the key teams in your organization – at which step do they most frequently stumble?

What about your organization overall?