37 minutes of the best pre-start-up advice I’ve ever heard

Feb 15, 2011

Yesterday I shared the reasons why I made Carol Roth’s book ‘The Entrepreneur Equation‘ my first book recommendation of 2011 – put simply, I think it’s the best book of pre-start-up advice I’ve ever read.

Today you get to hear Carol talk about the book herself, and boy are you in for a treat. Not only do I get severely rapped on the knuckles for getting the name of the book wrong (twice), you also get to hear the story of the Carol Roth fashion doll (really). But mostly, Carol gives us superb insights from the book itself.

Click here to listen to my interview with Carol Roth.

In this interview Carol shares:The Entrepreneur Equation

  • » The role of ADD in deciding to become an investment banker after graduating from Wharton;
  • » The weird energy she gives off and the random interactions that result;
  • » Why she left a major firm to set up her own firm;
  • » Where the idea came from for her book ‘The Entrepreneur Equation’;
  • » Why there’s a need for a ‘screening process’ for entrepreneurship, and what it should entail;
  • » What business lust is, and why it always leads to regret;
  • » The TOP analysis (Timing, Opportunity and Personality) and what it means for potential entrepreneurs;
  • » What a ‘jobbie’ is and how it can distract you from building a scalable business;
  • » Who your boss really is when you start your own business, and what you have to do to get a paycheck from them;
  • » The role of ego in building a scalable business;
  • » The difference between being a ‘Santa’ and an ‘Elf’ in business;
  • » How you can get a fashion doll of Carol – just as she looks on the cover of the book (really);
  • » What Eric Cartman from South Park has to say about entrepreneurship; …and much more

You can read more about Carol’s new book, “The Entrepreneur Equation“, and pre-order it, by clicking here.

Click here to listen to my interview with Carol Roth.

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