3 ways to revolutionize your team by Monday

Sep 11, 2010

1. Realize that your team does not complete you.

Your team members are not surrogates for your family, your friends, or any other (functional or dysfunctional) group of people you choose to project on to them. They’re not your therapy group, your mastermind group, your claque, buddies, mates or the mean kids at school who beat up on you.

Your folks are ‘just’ your team. They want to be led. They want direction. They want clarity. Above all, they want your overt, unambiguous support.

2. Realize that your team aren’t competing with you.

(Or, if one or more of them are competing with you, you either made a dreadful hire which you need to unravel, or – possibly, but it’s rare – you made a really good hire…who needs taken out to the woodshed and introduced to the concept of an attitude adjustment.)

3. Realize that they don’t believe you.

All that stuff you say so passionately? The piss and vinegar you’re so good at? The ra-ra that everyone nods at and grins inanely at and air-punches when you do it?

They don’t believe a word of it.

Not. One. Word.

Oh, they love you for saying it. They adore working for someone who can …you know… fire them up like that. They tell stories about the last time you did it (especially when you’re around). At the company ‘do’ they tell your spouse, admiringly, about how good you are at it.

But they don’t actually do anything as a result.

Conversely, the stuff you’re so sick of repeating over and over and over again? The stuff that you can’t muster much more than a croak when you do talk about it? The stuff that makes you physically ill to repeat? The things you say haltingly, that you have no flowery words for, that … well, you just stammer out?

That they believe.

That, they act on.